Executive summary

A group of seasoned businessmen came up with the idea of a truly entrepreneurial venture, which could adapt itself according to changing business environment. While adaptability of business remains the key advantage for SMART Communications, the owner’s have restricted the scope of the company to development, maintenance, operation and marketing of ICT (information & communication technology) products.

SMART Communications has always been visionary in its approach. By investing heavily in business software over the years, the company has been able to develop state of the art IT solutions for web businesses. AUTOGATEWAY being one of them is an excellent online support system that makes global trading/purchasing of automotive spare parts, straightforward. This online business caters to both, B2B and B2C business models.



The Vision of Smart Communications is to become    
1st Choice for Everyone
One the face of it, the statement looks very abstract; however, it carries some real business implications. Embedded in the statement is the owner’s desire to remain competitive all aspects of the business.

Smart Communications strives to become 1st Choice vis--vis competition for:    

  • Customers, when they are choosing ICT solution for their company.
  • Developers, when they want to enter in to a subcontract with a principal for software development
  • Employees, when they compare Smart Communication with work Environment of other companies
  • Business Partners, when they want to run joint online operations with an ICT expert company
  • Investors, when they are looking for the most profitable, yet low risk ventures.
  • Opinion Leaders, when they want to gain insight into latest developments into the medium sized ICT industry.
    In short, Smart Communication strives to become 1st Choice for all the stakeholders directly or indirectly involved with the business.


Core Values

CORE Values of Smart Communications can be understood by a short but rather an absurd word ATEC, which stands for Achievement, Teamwork, Entrepreneurship and Commitment          

Achievement:     Smart Communication always rewards and encourages achievement. The commonly is in a habit of setting high standards of performance. An example of extraordinary achievement of smart communication is the development and operations of AUTOGATEWAY. The functions of AUTOGATEWAY are described in various places throughout the business plan.  

Teamwork:     Smart Communications celebrates teamwork among its employees and with its business partners. The company has come up with special compensations systems which foster internal teamwork.
Smart Communication values its employees greatly, and firmly believes in development of Human Resource. Thus, on-job and special off site trainings form regular feature of employment with Smart Communications.        

Entrepreneurship:     Smart Communication strives to create an environment where all the stakeholders are able to unleash their entrepreneurial spirit. Since Smart Communications is in a multi business model, entrepreneurship forms the heart of its core values.      

Commitment:     Personal Commitment to deliver delight to customers and profitability to the business is very important at smart communications. Reward and Recognition associated with commitment remains an important feature. An excellent example of Commitment was exhibited during record time completion of AUGOGATEWAY software by Smart Communication developers and sub-contractors.


About Smart Communication

Smart Communication has been one of the pioneers to provide global trade under your control irrespectively where you are. The success of the Smart Communication can be attributed to the foresight and business acumen of its founders, Mr. Brig. Syed Mazhar Abbas Kazmi 

Even today the founding member lends credibility to the Smart Communication. The founder of Smart Communication chose to cater for customers seeking high quality low priced services during and especially after working hours till late a market segment, which until this time had been largely ignored. At the same time, Smart Communication also catered for the main stream market.

Mr Brig. Syed Mazhar Abbas Kazmi  (R).    
Managing Director    

Mr. Brig. Syed Mazhar Abbas Kazmi (R) Brings to Smart Communication, sound operational enterprise and inherent people skills. His professional approach to the business and his active involvement strategic decisions are an asset to our quest for growth. Mr. Kazmi stint with Pakistan armed forces in his early days was his introduction to the command and control. During his progression from a military cadet   to a Brigadier, he saw the command and control from an operational and an entrepreneur’s point of view.

Mr. Brig. Syed Mazhar Abbas Kazmi  (R)  , vision, command and control have led Smart Communication to a thriving path. Coming from a Military background Mr. Brig. Syed Mazhar Abbas Kazmi (R) has a strong command and control sense, enabling him to provide excellent guidance to business for the setup of successful global trade. His commitment to constantly work with the Smart Communication to improve global business is a quality that we have now adopted as our core philosophy.

Today Mr. Brig. Syed Mazhar Abbas Kazmi’s positive business attitude is a constant source of inspiration for all at Smart Communication.

Mr. Brig. Syed Mazhar Abbas Kazmi is the steadfast and resilient backbone of all operations at Smart Communication. Under his initiative, Smart Communication has systematised operations and also sharpened its management style to provide a cutting edge command and control. His role at the core of the management is to provide his vast command and control expertise and streamline and enhance all administrative and operational processes at Smart Communication. A prior experience in handling and running verity of successful military projects, at the beginning of his career, accentuate his understanding to implement systems that benefit Smart Communication. Mr. Brig. Syed Mazhar Abbas Kazmi (R) brings indomitable diligence and managerial understanding to the business. An eye on the best business practices and constant effort to imbibe beneficial processes to the Smart Communication business model make him the force behind constant change at Smart Communication and the step ahead of the industry dynamics.

Smart Communication Business Model

Smart Communication has a fairly multi pronged business model. However, all the activities conducted by the company remain in the domain of ICT.  The following diagram outlines various business and revenue generating activities of Smart Communication.  

Smart Communication

Software Development

Software Maintenance


Marketing of Software

Royalty Collection

Software Development:    Since Smart Communication is in ICT business, software development remains one of its core business generating activities. In the first few years of the business Smart Communication used to develop software on its own, but in the recent years, as the company has diversified in other ICT businesses,  it has sub contracted the software development business to other software developers in South Asian Countries.        

Smart Communication is very selective in appointing sub contractors for its software development needs. It restricts itself to developers which are ISO 9000 certified.  Moreover, Smart Communication maintains a regular monitoring system to see the performance of subcontractors. The company adheres to the policy of doing business with environmentally friendly sub contracting companies.        

Smart Communication is experienced in Software Development. As stated earlier, it has recently developed enterprise software of TRADE GATEWAY. Features of this software are explained later in this plan.  

Software Maintenance:     For High Value Software Development projects such as TRADE GATEWAY, Smart Communication also provides Operational or Maintenance support. A Central Control Room is set up with adequate staff which manages the daily business activities of TRADE GATEWAY Software.          

Other than setting up and running of Control Systems, Smart Communication also provides support in the following areas:


Initial Operations

Experienced field manager and area control manager from control room is appointed to supervise the staff and the product sales and delivery operation.


Staff Training

The Smart Communication acknowledges the importance of high standards of operation training. Smart Communications provide training at nominal expense its nominated places to the business. A dedicated training department has been setup to provide technique and customer relation to all staff of client’s business, equipping them to adhere to the quality and service standard set by Smart Communication.


Quality Control

Smart Communication has formulated and set down a comprehensive list of necessary tasks, operating methods and minimum standards of performance required under the company’s system. The company regularly monitors the standards of performance achieved by the business. Smart Communication is committed to maintaining premium quality standards for all our services. Bench marked product quality and services are maintained throughregular quality test.

Software Marketing:    Other than Software Development and Software Maintenance, Smart Communication also specializes in Marketing of Software. The enterprise software developed for AUTOGATEWAY is dynamic, which can be tailored to the needs of other industries, other than the Auto industry. Thus, Smart Communication intends to market this software to a vast number of business customers who want to set up their online businesses.

According to Smart Communication database, in UK automotive industry alone, there are over, 50,000 businesses who would be interested in acquiring this software. If other industries are explored this number increases many times. In short, huge potential for this software is present across the globe in general and in EU, in specific.
Since TAAS Automotive and Smart Communication which are partner businesses of AUTOGATEWAY software have vast experience of UK and European markets, Smart Communication will have significant head start in marketing the software in these markets.

Smart Communication plans to hire Chartered Marketing consultancy for marketing advice and services. 

Royalty Collection:     Another significant revenue generating activity of Smart Communication is the collection of royalty on its software. Since enterprise software was specifically developed for AUTOGATEWAY, percentage royalty has been agreed with the partner business. This royalty is agreed at 2% of all the auto spare parts sales done by any of the franchise businesses of AUTOGATEWAY.

Moreover, Smart Communication plans to charge annual subscription fee to all the customers who will purchase this enterprise software with our without modifications.

Description of trade Gateway software and business:

In Smart Communications enterprise resource management framework, many portals work under one umbrella using central resource sharing. The concept of this framework can be a facilitator for parking of certain trading shops and warehouses. This framework provides a unified mechanism of working of different outlets and business concerns.

Salient features of TRADEGATEWAY are described as follows, both in the form of a conceptual diagram and verbal description.

Conceptual Diagram of TRADEGATEWAY Business

From the diagram, we can see that the outlets are sharing TRADEGATEWAY resources.    

i. Sale Order processing

Outlets are web shops or physical counter sale points. The sale transactions shares the following common vista

a. Flexi merchandise

The sale processing service can handle all types’ sales ranging from auto parts which require special type of selection parameters to any item of general selling nature. Specialized brands portals also act like separate outlets in the whole system

b. Central Process

Each business outlet’s sale orders goes to central sale process system where sale managers and his team process and keep its track by passing the phase of picker of items then packers and then delivery boys in the outlet. Each person in this process has its own role and has physical presence on different outlets. The sale manager the SPO are in central back office while picker, packer and delivery boy are in the warehouse of outlet. Therefore these persons are sharing the same system for processing executing and controlling the sale orders of different business’s outlets    

c. Central Control

Every Sale process could be recorded from its ordering to completion therefore a control module has instant report of process leaks. This help to identifying the good and poor performance employees.  A linkage to HR appraisal module help in proper appraisal of employee in time as well as it stops any bleeding area of the company

ii. Central and Outlet level Purchase

The purchases can be done in central body control system as a trading gateway, as well as business outlets.

a. Outlet Purchases

There could be two types of purchases one is local purchasing other central purchase where central purchase act as supplier to the businesses. Different business can exchange the merchandise between them by using their central accounts reserves

b. Central Purchase

The central purchase has the mandate of identifying good suppliers for the goods. The central Purchase will normally perform following activities

         i.            The central Purchase will keep an inventory of those good which has futuristic value

       ii.            It makes correspondence with suppliers and maintains pre-qualified suppliers lists

      iii.            It keeps a price listings up-to date of all parts present in any outlet of trading gateway

     iv.            It ensure the availability of part in time from supplier to business outlets for smooth running of business

       v.            It maintain all taxes import duties and other freight cost details from suppliers to business outlet/warehouse doorstep

     vi.            Its mandate is re-selling and smooth supply of parts to business outlets/warehouses

    vii.            It can act as trader to any other party and can supply Goods provided that it will not affect the supply chain of trading gateway

  viii.            Suppliers web accounts can be created where orders and ledger information are supplied

     ix.            Can Purchase the finished goods from assembled items business of trading gateway

iii. Central and Outlet level Accounts

The accounts can be maintained from both central accounts and outlets.

a. Outlet Accounts

In business outlet vouchers can be entered automatically through different business concept screens like sale Purchase returns etc. For these types of transaction user is not require any accounting knowledge. The accounting of outlets can confined to ledger viewing payment receiving depositing to banks and maintaining of expenses. Payments to supplier or petty cash withdrawn can only be occurred with the approval of central accounts.

b. Central Accounts

It maintains all businesses and their outlets accounts and act as a central bank. It has capability of transfer funds on the basis of stock transfer between the outlets. All financial activities will be monitored by this facility. Charted Accountants in central accounts maintain a complete chart of accounts and pass manual vouchers where required. Financial Reports like trial balance, balance sheet, income statement, taxes, freights, other expenses, receivable and payable reports are obtained through this system on the basis of outlets and as a whole. The central accounts have facility of exporting data in Excel readable format. 

IV. Central and Outlet level budgeting

For Every business and their outlet  central office  can create their budgets in different expense head every year through this system The central system  allocate amounts for every head. On creation of every voucher the budget are checked and a comparison report of budgeted with actual can be created at outlet or central level

V. Central and Outlet HR

The vacancies/Posts can be created in this system and the employee on these posts is inducted from central employee system. These employees can be assigning to different businesses and their outlets. The pay can be created centrally and for every outlets/offices budget is used for their employees pay expenses. Personal Data can be maintained in central office and documents could be scanned and archives as Images. Attendance is recorded by login. All benefits and allowances are maintained in the salary. Attendance deduction is done automatically as per leave policy. Appraisal System are based on the parameters defined in process control system and promotion are suggested on the basis of criteria in the process control system.

VI. Central and outlet level Processes control

These systems have all processes identified with estimated actual time values. The super user of the system can trace the anomalies in the system. Based on these values some points are assigned to employees who will be used as the basis for appraisal system.